Individual and Couples Counseling


Rivulets of rain falling on a cliff cut grooves into the rock allowing future rain to continue along the same path, the path of least resistance. In the same way, recurring feelings, beliefs, and perceptions cause humans to repeat behaviors. Neurons in the brain that fire together, wire together and create pathways that become the path of least resistance. The brain is a “use it or lose it” organ, so new experiences, insights and perspectives must be sought and practiced in order to change pathways, heal, and grow.

In Individual or Couples Counseling, clients work with a Licensed Professional Counselor to explore feelings, beliefs, memories, and relationships in order to develop new perspectives and insights, improve communication and increase self esteem. Clients set goals and work toward the life they wish for in a caring, safe, and confidential environment.

Counseling can last as short as a few sessions to as long as a couple of years depending on the client and the challenges they face.