Animal Assisted Counseling


Animal Assisted Counseling incorporates an animal into the counseling session with the client’s permission. The animal provides comfort and support in a nonjudgmental manner. They can add joy and a playful attitude to any session. Animals help clients develop empathy and open up about challenging life experiences. They also contribute to physiological benefits, such as decreased heart rate and lower blood pressure, which adds to a person’s overall health and well being.

At Among the Trees our animal is a poodle named Sofie. She is a graduate of the Texas State University Animal Assisted Counseling Academy. Before meeting her, the client will be taught how to greet her and how to understand some of her nonverbal communication and basic commands so the experience is positive for everyone.

Sofie likes to play games, twirl, and have her ears scratched. She is an avid ball chaser and skilled at balancing food on her nose. She will work with people of all ages to  provide support with a sweet, playful attitude.